Easy to Implement and Simple to Use

MembershipManager is simple to use, yet powerful member
management software. With these features, staff will get
up-to-speed quickly:

Access from anywhere, any time, using a Web browser
Familiar browser interface minimizes learning curve
We host your database on our secure servers, saving you the hassle
and expense of database maintenance
Members and staff can update member information, with updates
posted to the website immediately
Contact management system provides call, e-mail, and note history
View member’s billing information
Changes to member records are posted on the website immediately


Generate batch QuickBooks invoices for member dues View members’ billing information using Membership Manager Synchronize QuickBooks and MembershipManager data

You are Protected

SSL encryption
Password protection
Session timeouts
A world-class data center
Firewall protection

Save Time

Our easy to use software saves time and reduces errors.

Save Time - Our Software Eliminates the need for multiple databases and spreadsheets With MembershipManager one entry updates your website, accounting, and member records

Easy Implementation and Simple to Use - Web modules simply plug into your existing website.

Intergrates with QuickBooks - One point of DATA ENTRY, All changes to the member information, invoices, and payment records
will be entered into Membership Manager and flow into QuickBooks.

The MembershipManager solution helps you increase your member
involvement, recruitment, and retention. The time and cost-saving
benefits allow you to focus on your organization’s goals, not
administrative duties. There is no software to install. The intuitive,
user-friendly environment means that minimal training is required,
and your site can be up and running in a matter of days.

Easy Implementation and Website Management

MembershipManager sites may be implemented quickly and easily. Managing your site is simple and your content is always current.

Expense Reduction

MembershipManager is designed to save you money in a number of
ways. Member dues fees may be collected and tracked online. Accounts
receivable virtually disappear, and the amount of time you or your staff
spend on administrative tasks is greatly reduced. If you are still paying
for printing and postage to communicate with your members,
MembershipManager technology will enable you to go paperless.


Improved Management and Control with Less Administrative Time With MembershipManager, even the largest of organizations
may be managed with the smallest of staffs. Your day-to-day
membership and event planning are handled through your website.

Increased Member Participation, Retention, and Recruitment

MembershipManager’s online registration functionality and efficient
communication tools makes getting involved--and staying involved--
simple for your members.

Benefits of a HOSTED Solution:

Eliminate IT infrastructure expense
Reduce or eliminate IT facilities expense (no datacenter required)
Reduce or eliminate IT staff overhead
Eliminate cost of database back-up and archiving
Shrink deployment cost and time IDC estimates hosted applications
are deployed 43 percent faster than in-house deployments

Additional Benefits:

Shift focus of in-house IT staff from maintenance and support to
strategic initiatives
Accelerate deployment of new modules and services
Simplify planning with predictable monthly costs
Minimize unplanned downtime
Ensure business continuity
Enhance data integrity and operational security
Leverage industry best practices and product knowledge

We guarantee the availability of your hosted MembershipManager application. Not just the system or network, but availability at the URL level. We make sure any down time is minimal. And we’ll credit your account in the rare instance performance doesn’t match our Service Level Agreement. We take responsibility for hosting your system, from hardware infrastructure to application maintenance.

Easy to Implement - Simple to Use
You are Protected
Save Time
Easy Implementation
Website Management
Expense Reduction

Improved Mangement
Control with Less Administration
Increased Member Participation
Benefits of a Hosted Solution
Additional Benefits